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“that guy” 嗰條友


Koo Ming Kwan Exhibition Gallery, CVA, HKBU, Hong Kong

(Group Exhibition of 18 local young artists)


2015 | 08/10 -  20/10



About the exhibition //

嗰條友 _ that guy

「嗰條友」有著自己的故事,「 18條友」有著各自的發展和狀態。 你或許好幾次欣賞過「 嗰條友」的作品, 但記憶中卻沒有「嗰條友」的名字。 也許你因為不知道「嗰條友」 的名字 , 而錯過這個展覽 。


“That guy” has his/her own story “ these guys'” follow their paths differently. You might have had a few encounters with their works and thought they were good, but you couldn’t recall “these guys’” names. And since you don’t know their names, you might choose to miss this exhibition.

“That guy”, 18 graduates from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, their paths as artists are different from“ successful” graduates, known by everyone. What had they gone through? How did their experiences shape their creativity? How much do the works in this exhibition show?

張梓軒_Chang Tsz Hin / 許康民_Hui Hong Man / 
簡嘉健_Kan Ka Kin / 林巧兒_Lam Hau Yi / 
林兆榮_Lam Siu Wing / 林穎詩_Lam Wing Sze /
劉子顥_Andrew Lau / 劉逸偉_Lau Yat Wai / 
吳國璋_Ng Kwok Cheung Chino /蟻穎琳_Ngai Wing Lam /
岑愷怡_Debe Sham / 沈詠翹_Sum Wing Kiu / 
譚敬妍_Gabrielle Tam / 丁曉嵐_Ting Hiu Nam Phyllis / 
謝樂筠_Tse Lok Kwan /黃美諺_Wong Mei Yin Hazel / 
黃紹全_Victor Wong / 楊碧琪_Jovial Yeung

尹麗娟女士_Ms. WAN Lai Kuen, Annie
王鈴蓁博士_Dr. Sunny WANG

陳文俊_Chan Man Chun
鍾正_Chung Mark


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