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“Acentered: Reterritorised Network of European and Chinese Moving Image 
Sharing as a New Paradigm
Videotage @ Art Basel Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding Lab, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong


2016 | 24/03-31/03



About the exhibition //



Acentered: Reterritorised Network of European and Chinese Moving Image

The exhibition at the Art Basel Crowdfunding Lab will feature video art works from the Videotage Media Art Collection together with selected work from partners, Casa Asia (Barcelona & Madrid), Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art/University of Salford Art Collection (Manchester), The Chinese University of Hong Kong/Department of Fine Arts, City University of Hong Kong/School of Creative Media,  Connecting Spaces (Hong Kong-Zurich)/Zurich University of the Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University/Academy of Visual Arts, The Hong Kong Institute of Education/Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, Momentum (Berlin), and videoclub (London).

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