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Lam Wing Sze is a Hong Kong–based video artist. She received her BA from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, in 2015. Lam currently works in museum education. Participated exhibitions and projects include “Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses” (Floating Projects, Hong Kong, 2021), “Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys” (Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong, 2021), “Sightlines” (Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, 2019 and 41 Ross, San Francisco, 2017 ), “DREAM Video 100” (West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, 2018), “Wonder Foto Day” (Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, 2019), “The Aerial Actor” (Art Omi, New York, 2018), “Observe / Scrutinise / Perceive” (Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, 2018), “Weighty Light” (Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, 2018), “from here to there” (Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, 2016). 


Lam’s image narratives are often composed of scenes and situations she encounters by chance, but also those that she both anticipates and manipulates. Her role as an image-maker is to create a situation that gives the audience a viewing experience, opens up a conversation with that which was captured, and generates new meaning. Lam looks at scenery in the city and inverts daily observations into moving images that depict the perception and reflection of seeing. 


林穎詩是香港錄像藝術家。於 2015 年獲香港浸會大學視覺藝術院學士學位。現任職博物館教育工作。參與展覽及項目包括:《我們的錄像宣言2:記述的衝動》 (據點.句點, 香港, 2021 年), 「咫尺之內,開始之前:隨意門及其他足跡」 (大館當代美術館, 香港, 2021年), 「視線,之間」 (香港藝術中心, 香港, 2019 年 及 41 Ross, 三藩市, 2017 年), 「Wonder Foto Day」 (松山文創園區, 台北, 2019 年), 「The Aerial Actor」 (Art Omi, 紐約, 2018 年), 「DREAM Video 100」(西岸藝術與設計博覽會, 上海, 2018 年),「靜觀默察」(安全口畫廊, 香港, 2018 年), 「甸甸的輕」(Affordable Art Fair, 香港, 2018年),「from here to there」 (Kunstquartier Bethanien, 柏林, 2016 年)。




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{ Participated Group Exhibitions }

2023 | 16/6 - 30/6
Everyday life in Hong Kong and Fukuoka: The study of Contemporary Arts and Kougengaku
@art space tetra , Fukuoka, Japan

2022 | 8/10 - 30/10


@1999 Art Space, Hong Kong


Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses
@Floating Projects

2021|23/4 - 1/8

'Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys'

part of Asia Art Archive’s 20th anniversary programmes
@Tai Kwun Contemporary, JC Contemporary, Hong Kong

2019|12/4 - 14/4

Wonder Foto Day
@Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2019|23/3 - 19/3


@Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong

2018|8/11 -11/11
DREAM Video 100 (representative of Gallery EXIT)
@West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, China


'The Aerial Actor'
@Art Omi, New York, USA


2018|15/9 - 31/10

'Yes, and Now: a group exhibition of selected artists from First Smash 5'
@​Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong


2018|23/6 - 14/7

'Observe / Scrutinise / Perceive'
@Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong


2018|28/5 - 7/15


@Red Cube of Shenzhen, China


2018|18/5 - 20/5

'Weighty Light'

Young Talent Hong Kong 2018
@Affordable art fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong


2017|17/5 - 16/7

'Present Tense 2017: New Urban Legend- Resistance of Space'
@41 Ross Alley, San Francisco, California, USA

2017|14/2 - 4/3

"into the park"
@AVA Gallery, Kaitak Campus, HKBU, Hong Kong


2016|08/12 - 18/12

'Tell the here and now'

@Koo Ming Kwan Exhibition Gallery, CVA, HKBU, Hong Kong


2016 | 24/03 - 31/03

'Acentered: Reterritorised Network of European and Chinese Moving Image” Sharing as a New Paradigm'

Videotage Art Basel Crowdfunding

@Crowdfunding Lab, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong


2016 | 14/01

'SOUND IMAGination: Hong Kong Lanscape'

@Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong


2016 | 09/01 - 17/01

'from here to there'

@Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany


2015 | 08/10 -  20/10

'that guy'

@Koo Ming Kwan Exhibition Gallery, CVA, HKBU, Hong Kong


2015 | 19/09 -  01/10

'Fresh Trend' 2015 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition

@Exhibition Hall of Hong Kong City Hall, Central, Hong Kong


2015 | 30/05 - 21/06

'Academy of Visual Arts (BA) Graduation Exhibition 2015'

@Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

{ Education }

2015 | BA, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

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