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Thinking Studio

多頻道錄像裝置, 07'20''

Multi-screen video installation, 07'20''



由火炭至土瓜灣;從靜止到流動;在模仿與創作之間⋯⋯我從夏碧泉的日常照片、手稿、個人物件和雜誌剪輯中尋找他的生活足跡,探索他觀看的習慣與創作的思路。 在他的影像與文字之間,我以錄像和聲音來填補那些記憶的縫隙,想像他的內心世界,拼貼一篇自我探索的視覺日記。

From Fo Tan to To Kwa Wan; from stasis to fluidity; between emulation and creating something new...I search for Ha Bik Chuen’s traces of life through his everyday photographs, manuscripts, personal objects, and magazine cut-outs. I explore his ways and habits of seeing, and trails of creative processes. Between Ha’s images and texts, I fill out these gaps of memory with moving images and sound, imagine his internal worlds, and piece together a visual diary of self-exploration.



Hong Kong video artist Lam Wing Sze paid her first visit to AAA’s temporary space in Fo Tan dedicated to the Ha Bik Chuen Archive in early 2020. Approaching Ha’s collection of images via “observation” and “documentation,” Lam embarked on a journey into the heart of the archive. In 2021, Lam was commissioned to create the video installation Thinking Studio (2020) for the exhibition Portal, Stories, and Other Journeys as a response to Ha’s creative practices.

Installation view. Photo by Kwan Sheung Chi.

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